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Hallmarks of our auditing services include in-house professionals, time-tested processes, and flexibility to scale our models to your needs — whether we’re assisting with your annual audits or reviews, or with specific events such as mergers and acquisitions, RFPs, internal control studies, lending opportunities and capital campaigns.


Clients routinely engage us as specialists with experience in providing intense record and process reviews and attestations.


To better serve you Bland Garvey has a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) on staff. 


What can a Certified Fraud Examiner do?

  • Obtain evidence that fraud did/did not occur - this can be done by examining documents, reviewing public records, or conducting interviews ant taking statements.
  • Write a report - A fraud examination report details the relevant findings from a fraud audit.  No opinions can be expressed in this report.
  • Testify - A CFE can testify to findings without expressing an opinion.


Basically, a fraud examination resolves specific allegations and determines if fraud has occurred.


In addition to assisting clients in detecting fraud,  A CFE can also assist clients in preventing fraud by performing an internal controls assessment and/or a fraud risk assessment.  As auditors, they do a lot of this already.  It would be more detailed and specific to fraud prevention.