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Tuesday, 13 October 2015 00:00

Brian Howell, Lori Eads and John Garvey, Jr. Congratulations to Lori Eads, Brian Howell, John Garvey, Jr. and Belinda Deane for being a Five Star Financial Services Professional.  This is a select group, representing less than 1 percent of the financial services professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. 


  These days, it takes a village to manage one's financial world.  Whether it be navigating the ever-changing landscape of tax law, sorting out your estate and succession planning, or picking the right life insurance, financial services professionals are instrumental to a sound, holistic financial plan.


  So how do you find a financial service professional with experience, who has a good base of clients with high retention rates, and who has undergone a regulatory and complaint review?  And when you find them, are they accepting new clients?


  Texas Monthly and Five Star Professional partnered to find financial services professionals who satisfy objective eligibility and evalutation criteria.  For the purposes of this program, financial services professionals are defined as those who prepare a financial plan or help implement aspects of a financial plan, including financial planners, tax advisors, life and disability insurance professionals, and estate planning attorneys.  Award candidates are identified by one of three sources:  firm nomintion, peer nomination or pre-qualification.  Self-nominations for this award are not accepted.


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