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Having joined BLAND GARVEY in 1997, Belinda is our shareholder in tax and accounting services, and a co-founding partner and investment advisor for our affiliated firm, BLAND GARVEY Wealth Advisors. With significant and broad experience in public accounting, tax and business consulting, Belinda assists small- to mid-size businesses, fast-growth companies and entrepreneurs across multiple industries, including healthcare, energy and many others.


Prior to joining BLAND GARVEY, Belinda served more than four years in public and business accounting, including for an international utility company. She holds a master’s degree in accounting with an emphasis in Federal taxation and a bachelor’s degree, both from the University of North Texas. She remains actively involved in the Dallas-Fort Worth professional community, authoring business publication articles and speaking at events. Belinda devotes her talents to various animal rescue organizations and not for profits that benefit animal welfare including sitting on the Board of Texas Humane Alliance,  whose mission is "to improve the lives of animals through education and advocacy". 


In her free time Belinda spends time with her rescue pup, Dutchess the Diva, runs Katy Trail, lifts weights and is an Age Group USA Triathlete.